Scotland is simply The Home of Golf. And as much as there is to explore in this exceptional country, for visiting golfers, as regards golf in Scotland, it would almost be sacrilege to not play one of the traditional links. Accentuated by glorious game history and tradition, golf has several of its roots in Scotland – the oldest golf club, the initial game rules and the oldest major championship amongst several others.

It is also the typical golf course that makes golfing here special. Links golf courses in their true form are found only in a handful of countries – owing to the nature of the land required. Scotland is one of them and links aficionados swear by the quality here.

There are various tours to consider in Scotland – each loaded with great golfing, tradition and character. Choose from sampling the best malts in distilleries, going castle watching, crawling pubs or simply exploring the gorgeous countryside, alongside playing simply the world’s best links courses. There is so much golf in Scotland that golfers may consider visiting in regional installments. Now is a good time to start! 

Read up information on this page and all associated links for more on Scotland as a golf destination. The content will serve as your Golf Travel Guide to Scotland and make for easy trip planning. 

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There are so many things to do in Scotland, you just won’t know where you to start.

  • Visit the Harry Potter look alike world of Edinburgh
  • Take detailed tours of the Edinburgh Castle and the Stirling Castle
  • Go further up north to visit the Loch Ness & Loch Lomond. These are just a fraction of the things you can do in Scotland.


GETTING THERE: Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen are the main International airports and there are a lot of domestic flights as well as International flights which fly into these airports. The distances within Scotland are generally short and you can get to nearby destinations within a couple of hours drive.

The road and rail network is well connected and you can easily take a train to the many tourist attractions within Scotland or rent a car to drive along the wild Scottish landscape. 

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VISA: Nationals of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and nationals of the European Economic Area do not need a Visa to enter the United Kingdom. Check the official British Government website for more information.