Golftripz Referral Program

Get Rewarded For Your Loyalty

Golftripz Referral Program

Your referrals are much more than business to us, they're the highest compliment we can ever receive!

Refer a friend, colleague or family member to travel with Golftripz! We appreciate your loyalty and trust in our services and we reward it with our Golftripz Referral Program. Refer as many as you like, and earn SGD 25 for every travelling customer.


Referal Program


How do I refer?

Simply enter your name as well as the person you are referring and any remarks. Please request the referred customer to mention your name while booking their trip with us. If the customer contacts us and books a trip, you will receive a thank you e-mail confirmation.  Once they travel, your Benefit Credit Voucher will be e-mailed to you. For detailed terms & conditions, please refer below:


  1. Existing Golftripz Customers can avail themselves of a benefit credit on referring new customers to Golftripz. This benefit credit will be passed as discount on the future packages booked by the customers with Golftripz. The Customer will receive an email with a Benefit Credit Voucher from Golftripz. The Customer must refer to this voucher when availing the benefit.
  2. The Benefit Credit is applicable only on a Ground Package purchase of USD 500 & above by each referred customer who is travelling
  3. The Benefit Credit is applicable only when the Referred Customer has both fully paid for the package and has completed the trip
  4. The Benefit Credit will be applied to the Referring Customer only if the Referred Customer has clearly mentioned the referrer’s name and details at the time of enquiry
  5. The maximum Benefit Credit allowable as Discount on a package on this program is USD 350
  6. Only 1 existing customer will be eligible for a benefit credit of one or more new referred customers.  In case of any dispute, Golftripz decision will be final
  7. The Benefit Credit can be used for a period of 1 year from the time it is made available
  8. The Benefit Credit cannot be exchanged for cash and is not transferable to another person
  9. The Referred Customer/s should provide their complete details including flight tickets for Golftripz to verify that the referred customer is travelling on a Golftripz package for the first time.
  10. Customers who have already enquiried in the past with Golftripz or new customers who have received a quotation from Golftripz for a fresh package/s less than 14 days before will not be permissible as Referred Customers.
  11. For any disputes, Golftripz decision will be final
  12. Any changes or discontinuation of this program is at the discretion of Golftripz