Golftripz Referral Program


Golftripz Referral Program

Your referrals are much more than business to us, they're the highest compliment we can ever receive!

Please don't keep us to yourself, refer us to your buddies who we’ll take special care of. They can even get started with a gift from you :) 

Refer! Your Buddies Get S$20

Refer your golf buddies. Every golfing buddy that you refer to Golftripz, gets a voucher of S$20 for his/her next golf adventure. And you get a voucher too of S$10, once that trip is completed.

How do I refer?

Simply enter your name as well as the person you are referring in the form below. Your friend will receive an email with a gift from you - a S$20 voucher that can be used for any future trip booked with Golftripz. Once they travel, your S$10 Voucher will be e-mailed to you.


  1. Customers who have already travelled with Golftripz or enquiried in the past with Golftripz or new customers who have received a quotation from Golftripz for a fresh package/s less than 7 days before will not be considered as Referred Customers and will not receive the voucher.
  2. Existing Golftripz Clients can avail themselves of the Voucher on referring new customers to Golftripz. This Voucher will be passed as discount on the future packages booked with Golftripz. The Client must refer to this voucher when availing the benefit. 
  3. The Golftripz Client will receive the Voucher only when the Referred Customer has both fully paid for the package and has completed the trip
  4. Only 1 existing Golftripz Client will be eligible for the Voucher for a Referred Customer on a first come first served basis. In case of any dispute, Golftripz decision will be final
  5. It is understood that the Golftripz Client has taken consent from the Referred Customers to receive marketing communication from Golftripz
  6. The Voucher is valid for a period of 1 year from the time it is made available
  7. The Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash and is not transferable to another person
  8. For any disputes, Golftripz decision will be final
  9. Referral Program Offer is valid till 31 Dec, 2019. Any changes or discontinuation of this program is at the discretion of Golftripz