Payments, Cancellations & Refunds

Payments, Cancellations & Refunds

Golftripz aim is to ensure that the client has multiple ways to make payments for the bookings which are convenient and easy to use.


Upon receiving the confirmation with required details & successfully blocking the services/inventory, Golftripz will email the Proforma Invoice with a Payment Due Date, Payment & Cancellation terms. Upon successful receipt of Payment, the Invoice will be updated as paid & Receipt will be issued.


The Invoice Currency may not be the same as the Quoted Currency. While the Quoted Currency depends on the 'Destination', the Invoice Currency may change depending on the 'Client's Origin', in which case it will be converted at the Market Conversion Rate that prevails on the date of invoice.

Golftripz Pte Ltd holds the following currency business accounts : USD / SGD / GBP / EUR / AUD / NZD and can receive payments via bank transfer in these currencies (subject to certain restrictions which will be provided in the invoice).


  1. The  payment terms & cancellation policy will be stated in the proforma invoice. 

  2. Payment or payment proof should be received by the deadline date given in the proforma invoice. In absence of the payment or payment proof, the bookings will be automatically released. 

  3. By making the payment, it is considered that the client has accepted all the terms in the proforma invoice.


Once the booking and itinerary is confirmed, Golftripz will send the proforma invoice which will list out the payment options with details on how to make the payment using each of the options. The client can then choose the payment option that is most convenient for them.


The following payment options are available for bookings made through Golftripz.

Option 1 - Bank Transfer: Payments can be made through bank transfer into Golftripz business account details mentioned in the Proforma Invoice. Once paid the client needs to send an email to birdies@golftripz.com with transaction details along with the invoice number. A payment receipt will be sent by the next working day after receipt. The client needs to ensure that Golftripz receives the total payable amount without any shortage. Any bank transfer charges etc should be borne by payer.

Option 2 - Online Payment via Credit Card: Another easy & quick way of paying is via credit card. All payments via credit card will be in SGD at the current market rate. The client can use the payment link in the invoice copy, enter the card details & proceed to pay. However, please note that, this mode of payment will have a 3.5% credit card surcharge by payment gateway as a processing fee. 

Option 3 - Pay Now or SGQR: Singapore based customers can also pay using Pay Now or SGQR. For PayNow, the UEN is 201730725E. For SGQR  the QR code in the following link can be used: .www.golftripz.com/golf/ocbc-qr-code


  • Any cancellation request must be sent by email to birdies@golftripz.com

  • The cancellation request will be processed based on the cancellation policy stated in the proforma invoice. If bookings are cancellable as per the cancellation policy, the travel consultant will check & advise the client on the processing time & the refund amount to be expected. Upon receiving the approval from the client, the cancellation request will be processed.


  • If the cancellation policy entitles the client to a refund, such a refund will be subject to the transfer charges,  the currency conversion charges incurred & any other costs incurred in the various transfers involved. Apart from these charges, there will also be a cancellation fee levied. Cancellation fee will be SGD$ 10 per person.