Hainan is the southernmost province of China and it is a tropical island with abundant scenery. The two main cities of Hainan are Haikou, which is in North Hainan and Sanya, which is to the south of the Island.

Haikou is called the Coconut City and it is the capital and largest city of Hainan. With the sea on three sides of the city it enjoys a long coastline that features excellent beaches and sea side resorts. The city also has important sites and ancient buildings. There are various golf courses in Haikou like Meishi & the West Coast including the 10-course Mission Hills Haikou resort. The Schmidt-Curley designed courses are perched on a bed of ancient lava rock, highlighting the area’s volcanic origins & the unique environment.

Sanya to the south of the Island is the second largest city in the Hainan Island. The city is ringed by continuous & rugged mountains on three sides. There are many golf courses in Sanya and nearby, the two must-play courses being Sun Valley Golf Course & Yalong Bay Golf Course.

BEST TIME TO GOLF IN HAINAN: Hainan has a tropical monsoon type of climate with a distinct dry & wet seasons. Since it is tropical climate, the temperatures also do not vary much through out the year and averages around 25 degrees. The ideals months to visit Hainan are from October to May.

Type of Climate: Tropical Monsoon Climate

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  • Stroll along the varied beaches in Sanya & Haikou
  • Play Golf at Mission Hills Haikou
  • Play Golf at the picturesque Sanya courses


GETTING THERE:  Hainan has two International airports – one in Haikou in the North & the other in Sanya in the South of the Island.  Airlines fly from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia & other nearby countries. Hainan is also well connected to other cities of mainland China. It is only a 1.15 hr flying time from Hong Kong to Haikou.

Within the Island: The cities on the Hainan Island are well connected by expressways. The two main cities Haikou in the north & Sanya in the south are connected by a main expressway and it takes around 3.5 hours by road to get from the north to the south. 

CURRENCY: Yuan Renminbi (CNY) | Avg Currency Value: 1 USD = 6.63 CNY (Currency Converter).

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