Golf in the USA is abundant, the country has a whopping 15,000+ golf facilities spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific. While there are several sought after private courses open only to members, the bulk of the golf courses are open to public and some of these happen to be amongst the most celebrated in the world.

Being of the size that it is and with sharp climatic and landscape contrasts, it is prudent to think of any holiday in the United States let alone a golf holiday, in parts so as to maximize enjoyment and experience and minimize travel. Then of course, there is another way of looking at it – the United States is a great driving country with spectacular landscapes and it could be a great adventure navigating through some of the biggest endowments of nature and playing superb golf courses along the way.

Pebble Beach, Sawgrass, Augusta, Bethpage Black and Kiawah Island are names that will attract any golfer on the planet wishing to get a round there. At the same time, 3 of the 4 majors are held in the United States every year, so there are hardly any bigger stages to watch the biggest names in the game.

Read up information on this page and all associated links for more on the USA as a golf destination. The content will serve as your Golf Travel Guide to the USA and make for easy trip planning.  


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