Golf in Portugal



Small it may be, but Portugal’s location at the western end of continental Europe has allowed this seafaring explorers’ nation to fare very well, in the process bringing in plenty of influence from its colonies. Additionally, also being well and truly in the southern part of Europe along the Atlantic has meant better climate, which serves as big magnet to the northern inhabitants of the continent.

Location and climate aside, the country has a wealth of charms – the modern yet uniquely traditional capital city of Lisbon, the little medieval hamlets in the country that their people still hold on to, the stunning scenery of the mountains and valleys of the north, the sandy white beaches of the Algarve and the glorious cuisine along with the Port wine which originated here.

Golf may not be a big sport in Portugal especially with the football frenzy and the stars that have done the country proud, but the quality of the golf courses is comparable with the best, making golf in Portugal a must-do for golfers. The relatively high standard of golf courses along with the climate has clearly established Portugal as a golf destination, particularly the Algarve, with its beautiful coastline and supporting tourism infrastructure including hotels and entertainment. 

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