Golf in The Algarve



The Algarve region in the south of the country is Portugal’s primary tourist destination with more than 7 million foreign arrivals annually. While the region is best known for its climate, beautiful sandy beaches that skirt a rugged coastline, flashy resorts and exceptional golf courses, there is plenty of personality and variety on offer, once off the tourist trails.

The critical decisions of going to the Algarve would seem to rest primarily around the time of year. July to September, just as in many other parts of Europe, is the busiest month with people trying to get as much sun and sand as possible on warm sunny days. However that doesn’t render the rest of the year as bad time – and in fact for the golfer, it is a blessing to get there in the non-tourist peak.

The Algarve apart from being a treasure trove of resorts, beaches and entertainment is a golfing paradise and plenty of outstanding designs and layouts make for a destination that is sought after by keen golfing enthusiasts from around the world. Playing the 4 layouts of Oceanico, Monte Rei and San Lorenzo are worth every penny of the trip to the Algarve.

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