The proximity of Bintan Island, just a 40-50 minute ferry ride from Singapore is the best thing going for the island in the straits of Malacca. Add to this, the relatively easy visa policy of the Indonesian government for visitors to their country, and we have a destination that all will like for the convenience.

The Indonesian authorities have been cognizant of the opportunity and are making all efforts to promote Bintan as an alternative to Bali, the country’s most popular destination known for its beaches, traditions and culture. While the beaches are as good as anywhere else in Indonesia, it is the Bintan Resorts area which is a big draw with it high end all-inclusive resorts that offer activities and short getaways for the entire family.

Golf in Bintan is a big draw. The golf courses in Bintan are top-rate and include the two at Bintan Lagoon Golf Resorts designed by Jack Nicklaus and Ian Baker Finch and the spectacular 27 holes at Ria Bintan designed by Gary Player.

All in all Bintan makes for a great destination for a short family holiday and golf – given the ease of getting there, the options for stay and activity available for the entire family and the quality of golf courses.

BEST TIME TO GOLF IN BINTAN: Bintan experiences a tropical climate throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 32°C and an average of 27°C. Humidity ranges from 61 to 96 percent. The weather is generally sunny all year around, so it can be anytime destination for those who like the sun and the sea.

However, the ideal months are from March to October characterized by clear sunny days and calm pristine waters. From November, the rainy season starts & can dampen your plans as it gets wet & windy.

Type of Climate in Bintan: Tropical Climate

Information on this page and these links - Bintan Golf Holidays Bintan Golf Courses can serve as your Golf Travel Guide to Bintan and will help you plan your trip. 


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Golf: many world class golf courses are available in Bintan Island, such as Bintan Lagoon Resort’s renowned 18-hole golf courses or Jack Nicklaus’ Sea View Golf course, Ian Baker-Finch Woodlands Golf course and the award winning 27-hole Ria Bintan Championship Golf Course.

Spa & Outdoor activities: for the weary travelers looking to rejuvenate.

Cuisine: some of the most delicious seafood can be found here at local restaurants. At night you can go to those food stalls along the road selling various kinds of seafood dishes from chili crab to steamed prawn to grilled fish and oysters. Seafood is freshly caught here and are sold at a reasonable price.


GETTING THERE: For most visitors, unless you are coming from Malaysia or elsewhere in Indonesia, the most convenient way to reach Bintan would be to fly into Singapore & take a ferry from Singapore (Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal) to Bintan ( Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry). It is just a 45 mins ferry ride.

International Passengers needs to clear immigration at Bintan & get a Visa on Arrival (if required).

CURRENCY: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) | Avg Currency Value: 1 USD = 13150 IDR (Currency Converter)

VISA: Most nationalities can get a visa on arrival in Indonesia. For more information, please Click here

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