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Austria's beauty can take your breath away! As will its golf. Far from its cliched image as a winter destination, golf in Austria benefits from moderate weather from May to October, spectacular scenery and immaculate courses. So waltz into Mozart country with plentiful stamina for there's a lot to discover. Whether you're visiting Austria and would like to get in a bit of golf or it's a golf-only holiday you're after, the country will treat you to abundant golf in its eight regions, each with a distinctive flavor.

Vienna and its surrounding area of Lower Austria have the thickest density of courses and is a good starting point. But do add-on courses in Salzburg and Tyrol for their pristine alpine settings. And those in Upper Austria for a mix of golf and adventure. Golf in Styria can be a pleasant combination of wine and culture.

Off the course, days can be packed, as they should be. The Vienna-Salzburg-Innsbruck itinerary is well-worn and well worth it. Vienna's architectural wonders may just have you thinking you are back in the Austro-Hungarian times. Take your time to enjoy the city and travel around the country for musical concerts in Salzburg and Alpine splendor in Innsbruck. Enroute discover Austria's beautiful countryside that begs you to take your holiday outside with cycling tours, skiing trips, hiking tours and cruises on the Danube.

Plan Austrian holidays between April and October while avoiding high prices in July and August.

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