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Best Time to go on a Vietnam Golf Tour

ChiLinh Golf Club, Hanoi

With Vietnam golf continuing to capture the imagination of golfers around the world, there are many inquiries that follow. One such inquiry is about the best time to play golf in Vietnam. Interestingly, this question is a complex one, not as easily answered as one would expect. It is safe to say that Vietnam as a country has a fair amount of diversity in its climate.  Consequently, the best time for a golf tour to Vietnam depends on which region you plan on visiting. 

Three Regions for Golf in Vietnam

Vietnam is a long sinuous country with a 3000+ kilometer coastline stretching from north to south. The Vietnamese themselves refer to the country as a combination of 3 regions – North, Central and South. Along with differences in culture and cuisine, there are differences in landscape and climate in these regions. Not only does this lead to an incredible variety in the golf courses in Vietnam, but makes for a distinct experience in each region. As a corollary, the quality of the Vietnam golf experience is enhanced further by having selected the right region at the right time.  

Best Time to Play Golf in Hanoi & North Vietnam

Legend Hills Golf Club, Hanoi

The capital region is home to some fine Vietnam golf courses and some new ones planned, which help in making Hanoi golf tours attractive. The best time however for golf in Hanoi is between February to April or from October to mid December. May to September is usually the wet season and during this time if it’s not raining, it can be quite warm. Towards the latter part of December and almost all of January the temperatures can drop significantly. This, on occasion, has affected conditions in some of the golf courses.. However, for golfers from Southeast Asian countries, the colder weather is quite an attraction.

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Best Time to Play Golf in Danang

BRG Danang Golf Club, Danang

Danang is the main city in Central Vietnam and the 3rd largest in all of Vietnam. The growing popularity of Vietnam golf tours can be directly correlated with the breathtaking Danang golf courses. The weather pattern in Danang as well as the rest of Central Vietnam differs from that of both North and South. 

The rainy season is typically from September to December. It may be worthwhile to note that a couple of the golf courses which are surrounded by mountains tend to get more rain.  While the course operations have been able to overcome the challenges this poses over the years, it helps to be mindful. That said, the best time for golf in Danang is from February to April. It starts to get progressively warmer from May through August, before the rainy season hits Danang.

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Best Time to Play Golf in Ho Chi Minh City and South Vietnam 

Tan Son Nhat Golf Club, HCMC

Ho Chi Minh City is the most vibrant and populous city in Vietnam. The Ho Chi Minh City golf courses are world class and there is sufficient variety there. There is never really a bad time to play golf in Ho Chi Minh City, although the best time is definitely between December to February. This is when the weather is at its mildest. March and April are generally a bit warmer. The rainy season starts in May and can go until mid-November. Mind you, even during this period, it is rare for a golf game to get washed out due to the rains. This is especially true if you are done with your golf in the earlier part of the day. 

Within South Vietnam, the climate in Nha Trang, another emerging Vietnam golf destination may be slightly different. The best time to play golf in Nha Trang is between February to April. Nha Trang can get quite warm from April and in particular July and August. September to December is usually the rainy season. 

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On an overall level, the safest time for any golf tour to Vietnam is February to April. It has to be said that this coincides with the busiest tourist season. Golf tee times are not necessarily easily available, especially on the weekends. It is best to plan Vietnam golf tours in advance during this time of the year. On the other hand, planning Vietnam golf during the lean periods can have its own rewards. For one, the overall costs are lower  – especially when it comes to accommodation. 

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