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The Ocean’s 18 at FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links in Vietnam


One of the key features of the recent development of golf courses in Vietnam is the use of its coastline. Several of the new golf courses, opened in recent years are centred around the best beach destinations in the country. These spectacular settings and modern design elements are setting them up to be the best golf courses in Vietnam. And by virtue of that, some of the best Vietnam golf resorts as well! One example of that is the FLC Quy Nhon Beach & Golf Resort in Quy Nhon, located 6 hours south of Danang. The FLC Quy Nhon is a great place for a beach stay with golf at two superb courses – the Ocean and Mountain. But it’s the Nicklaus Design Ocean Course that remains the topic for discussion here.


Choose the Right Tees or Get Beat Up!

It is difficult to be reminded of any singular ordinary hole on the Ocean Course, FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links.  The brilliance of the course design is best felt when you play it. Choosing the correct tees, may be the difference that makes, if you don’t want to come back all beat up. There are not too many shots, where there is no perceptible challenge to overcome. This could be very well off the tee as you try to thread your drive through a narrow opening. Or on your approach shot off a hanging lie, trying to find the green. And even if you do, it may not be a walk-over with its severe contours, presenting their own challenge.


The Ocean and the Course

Another thing you will not forget is the sea-breeze, especially when at full tilt, which is usually in the afternoons. It can be a serious factor in club selection, with elevation changes compounding the issue. Talking about the sea, there is hardly a sight which is not spectacular on this course. The South China sea and the beach that adjoins it are both the distraction and the balm on this course. The thrills that the challenges provide for and the spectacle of the views make this a special treat. In all the excitement of the layout and the sights, the course condition still stands out. Absolutely first rate, and there is little if anything that you can fault on that count. You may well imagine the Ocean course to be amongst the best golf courses in Vietnam.  Being part of one of the best Vietnam golf resorts makes it even more worthwhile.


The Best of Ocean’s 18

Choosing the best holes of the Ocean’s 18 is not so easy. However, what stays in memory is a good criterion. On that count it will be difficult to beat what you see from the tee of the first hole. On the left is the fairway, and on the right is a long stretch of dune. You have the choice to carry the dune, if you fancy your length off the tee. Regardless though, that’s what the hole layout lures you to do, even as the left side fairway is safer.  Two other holes not to be forgotten in a hurry are the par 4, 12th and the par 5, 13th. The 12th offers successive thrills in the form of a tight tee shot and an extraordinarily accurate approach. Overcoming these could well be the highlight of your round. The 13th par 5, is all about the view.


Golf is a Beach

The above is just a sample to give a sense of what one of the best golf courses in Vietnam offers. A contrasting, but by no means less of a golf course awaits on the Mountain side of the resort. The Schmidt-Curley design complements the FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links, Ocean’s 18 almost to perfection. And there is the rest of the resort with its range of stay options including beach-front villas. The FLC Quy Nhon Beach & Golf Resort easily contends with any other with a similar offering. Be it a Vietnam golf resort or any other, anywhere in the world!

Quy Nhon is a beach-side destination in the Binh Dinh province in Vietnam. It is situated at a 4 hour drive north of Nha Trang and about 6 hours south of Danang. It is connected by several daily flights from both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. To plan a golf holiday in Quy Nhon, write to us,

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