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Vinpearl Golf Course: Celebrating the Views

Vinpearl Golf Club, Nha Trang

One attraction of playing at the Vinpearl golf course in Nha Trang is the catamaran ride to Hon Tre island. You can have your local transportation take you to the cable car terminal, which is adjacent to the catamaran dock. A golf desk awaits you, which confirms your booking, before setting you off on the catamaran. The catamaran ride is just 15 minutes long and it works with sufficient frequency to avoid any substantial wait. There are some good views to be had, even as it looks quite busy out there. You may be one of the very few on a golf holidays in Vietnam. Everyone else is out there as a regular tourist – riding the cable car, visiting the water park etc. Regardless, on a bright day, the colours on the ocean are amongst the most inviting you would see.

Vinpearl Golf Course, Nha Trang

Golf Courses in Nha Trang: Scenic is the Norm

At the finishing end of the ride, a buggy awaits to ferry you to the clubhouse. Very shortly, you can find yourself making your way to tee up at a wondrously scenic golf course. While “scenic” is the norm for the golf courses in Nha Trang, the Vinpearl Golf Course design helps capture the vistas magnificently. In fact, there are views of the ocean on all 18 holes of the golf course. The IMG design is not the most challenging you’d play, but yet could be the most pleasurable. That said, there is enough drama, to keep you thinking, especially with sharp doglegs and expansive water-bodies. And what’s more – the golf course is almost always in great condition, leaving no room for complaint. Truly, the Vinpearl Golf Course is another strong reason for your next golf holiday in Vietnam to be in Nha Trang.

Vinpearl Golf Club, Nha Trang

Do Not Discount the Challenge

There are several holes at the Vinpearl Golf Course that grab your attention. Other than, for the views they offer, which is normal for the golf courses in Nha Trang. The 5th double-dogleg par 5 with a postage stamp green is highly satisfying if you make birdie or better. The 7th is a memorable dog-leg right which plays uphill. Club selection to be at the right place for the approach is key. No matter how you fare, the reward lies in the views from the elevated green. The same can be said about the 8th par 3 tee box, which is a good spot for panoramic pictures. Speaking of pictures, you have some good ones awaiting you on the 13th par 3, the signature hole, as well. From a golfing delight point of view, the par 4, 15th is probably the best on the golf course.

Vinpearl Golf Club, Nha Trang

Nha Trang: Superb for a Golf Holiday in Vietnam

The facilities at the Vinpearl golf course are first class. Being an integrated resort means, you can even plan a stay and play golf holiday here. With options for entertainment and leisure also available, this works well for a family outing as well. However, if you want to enjoy the buzz of Nha Trang, you could stay on the mainland. This works out easier, when your golf holiday in Vietnam is also about playing other golf courses in Nha Trang. The Diamond Bay golf course and the KN Golf Links are good options. While the Diamond Bay is a little run down in condition, there is nothing that beats Cam Ranh Links. With quick flights from Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, Nha Trang is simply superb for a golf holiday in Vietnam.

Vinpearl Golf Club, Nha Trang

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