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Tan Son Nhat Golf Course: Golf after Landing or Fly after Golfing


Tan Son Nhat: The Best Golf Course in Ho Chi Minh City

The Tan Son Nhat Golf Course is surely the most sought, amongst the golf courses in Ho Chi Minh City. The adjacency to the airport means an easy land and play or play and fly. Obviously, that doesn’t translate into throwing clubs over the fence and jumping over to the first tee. But the proximity truly works. And with all 36 holes being floodlit, golf after an afternoon arrival or before a late departure is truly on. Also, it is not the proximity to the airport alone. The Tan Son Nhat Golf Course is just 35-minutes-drive from the city centre, closer than any other golf course. That said, one cannot attribute the success of a golf course to just its location and lights. Undoubtedly it is the incredible layout and immaculate conditioning that are wowing golfers from near and far.


Take your Pick at Tan Son Nhat: A, B, C or D

The above doesn’t always hold true, especially when you have not stated your preference in advance. Golf operations tend to place you as per traffic on the four different nines – i.e.  A, B, C & D. You should hardly despair as nothing really takes away from the golf experience, no matter which nines you play. After all you will still be playing at the best golf course in Ho Chi Minh City, by far. However, if you could get a word in, do play the C course. The Par 5, 2nd, the Par 4, 3rd, the Par 4, 6th, and the Par 4, 7th are sensational. The par 3, 8th and the Par 5, 9th are no easy rides either. Further, the small and elevated greens on the 2nd, 3rd and the 9th pose additional challenge with club selection.

Brilliant Design Makes for a Thrilling Challenge

The Nelson & Haworth design of the Tan Son Nhat course is simply brilliant and stands out amongst the golf courses in Ho Chi Minh City. It is not uncommon to feel boxed in, especially to the left on the tee box for a right- handed golfer. It may well be the course boundary that is causing that. It follows that a hook for a right-handed golfer or a slice for a left-handed golfer is pure trouble. You may just want to leave those shots behind before stepping on to this golf course. And then almost magically, the course tends to open out generously once you find your drive down the middle. The topsy-turvy ride continues with tough approaches, many times to small elevated greens. And if golf operations have a wicked side, they can unleash sadistic pin positions to wreak havoc on your scorecard.

Course Conditions as Good as you will find Anywhere TAN SON NHAT GOLF COURSE, HO CHI MINH CITY

Since the Tan Son Nhat golf course is army owned, doubts are usually expressed about how good it is. The simple answer is – “See it to Believe it!” Everything about this facility should be a benchmark to follow. Not just for Ho Chi Minh City Golf Courses or those of Vietnam, but anywhere. The course is in unbelievably superb condition – be it the tee boxes, the fairways, the greens or the bunkers. The course management staff seem to do an outstanding job and it shows with golfers wanting to return to play.

The Caddies with a Difference in South East Asia

Yes, the caddies at Tan Son Nhat are different from those in other golf courses in Ho Chi Minh City. They are all male. But be assured, that doesn’t come in the way of the experience. In fact, one would argue, that given their training and experience, there is a certain edge about them.

Club House or Palace?


The Club House of the Tan Son Nhat Golf course is grander and more opulent than a palace. The reception desks will put any luxury 5-star hotel to shame. A jacuzzi the size of a swimming pool is part of the men’s locker room. The restaurant could feed an army and the buffet which forms part of your package is massive. Function rooms and catering are also available, ideal for an event at a golf course in Ho Chi Minh City.

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