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Golf in Phuket is Hard to Beat


There is little that Phuket does not offer as a destination. Tourism to the tropical paradise has been burgeoning over the years – be it honeymooners, families, divers or just plain holidayers looking to party and have a good time. Golfers too are drawn to the destination as the quality of Phuket Golf Courses is second to none in South East Asia. With the connectivity and proximity that Phuket enjoys to most hubs in South East Asia, golf holidays in Phuket have immense popularity with the golf community in the region.

The landscape of Phuket golf blends homogeneously with the overall natural landscape of the island. The layouts of the best golf courses in Phuket follow the natural contours of the terrain, meandering through the hilly and dense rainforest. It’s not difficult to imagine the pristine spectacles that one would expect, but as is usually the case, with beauty, lurks danger. There is plenty of challenge in the Phuket golf courses, mostly in the form of rainforest and changes in elevation. Accurate club selection and making confident positive golf swings is key to playing good golf in Phuket.


There are some absolute gems to play amongst the Phuket golf courses. Two of them, namely the Blue Canyon (Canyon) Golf Course and the Red Mountain Golf Course would not only rate as the two best golf courses in Phuket, but also make it to the 5 best golf courses in Thailand. The Blue Canyon Golf & Country Club boasts of 2 superb layouts – the Canyon Golf Course and the Lakes Golf Course, named after the canyon and the lakes they play around. The more illustrious of the two, the Canyon Course has hosted the Johnnie Walker Classic three times – 1994, 1998 and 2007, with Tiger Woods having played in 2 of these and winning the 1998 edition coming from 9 strokes behind on the last day and beating none other than Ernie Els in the playoff. Interestingly, to this day Tiger Woods holds the course record, but as an “amateur” when he first played in 1994. All said about Canyon Course’s history of having hosted the best players, it is really about the layout of the course – some really fantastic holes make up the track, some that you won’t forget in a hurry.


And then there were two – the Red Mountain golf course carved out in a former tin mine, is an experience all on its own. Dramatic features and contouring set up another golfing spectacle that makes all golf holidays in Phuket immediately worth all the effort and money.


The question of the 3rd and the 4th golf courses in Phuket Golf Packages is easily answered by the recently refurbished Laguna Golf Course and the Lakes Golf Course, the latter belonging to the Blue Canyon Country Club. The Laguna features impeccable fairways and greens, with the undulations of the greens giving plenty to think about even after you get on to them in regulation. Contrasting in design to the Canyon course, the Lakes course is not an easy ride either and requires clever maneuvering and respect for the layout to play well and have an enjoyable round. It is not just these four golf courses that make up the Phuket Golf scene. There are others – like the seaside Mission Hills designed by Jack Nicklaus and the resort-style Loch Palm – under the same management as Red Mountain that make up the ingredients for a heady cocktail of a golf holiday in Phuket.

Just the golf aside, there is plenty else to make up the whole experience in a golf holiday in Phuket. Phuket is renowned for its nightclubs and bars which go on to almost sunrise. The cuisine is first class and there is plenty on offer besides Thai food if that does not hold your fancy. Getting to and from the golf courses is a breeze, so there is plenty of time available aside from the golf. All in all, it is not easy beating a golf holiday in Phuket.

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