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Alpine: The Unmissable Golf Course in Bangkok


There is no dearth of excellent golf courses in Bangkok. So, one is really spoilt for choice in a Bangkok golf holiday. Yes, it is true that some of the sought after tend to be a bit pricey even for weekday rounds. Consequently, it often comes down to making delicate budget balancing decisions in a golf holiday. But, all considered, if there is one Bangkok golf course not to be missed, it is Alpine Golf Club. 

Not Too Far Away 

For starters, the time to get to Alpine Golf Club from a city centre hotel is amongst the least. This may not be the singular reason to choose the course, but it is a positive nevertheless. A sub 60-minute drive to a golf course in Bangkok has to be viewed as a definite plus.


More to it than the Distance

However, that’s not the reason you would pick this golf course on a Bangkok Golf Holiday. In fact, this reason pales in significance compared to the many delights that Alpine offers. The first is the club house and the locker rooms. You know immediately that you are experiencing something first rate. This includes the pro-shop which you make your way through to get to your golf bag and assigned caddy. 

(While caddies are compulsory all across Thailand golf courses, Alpine insists on a buggy as well. For those who like to walk, this may be a downer, but by no means the worst thing in Bangkok weather).

The Caddy and The Greens

The greens at the Alpine Golf Club are generally the fastest if not trickiest amongst the golf courses in Bangkok. It’s a good idea to try out a few putts on the practice green just before the first tee. Getting a sense of what to expect could just be the difference between a satisfying and a good score. And shooting a good score at Alpine may just be what makes your Bangkok golf holiday worth it. Apart from the practice putts, the thing that makes a difference is the caddy. One could say with certainty that the caddies at Alpine golf course make their case stronger than any others. Not only are they well trained in ensuring a superb on-course experience, their knowledge of greens is superb. They fully deserve the caddy fees as well as a generous tip.


The Ride Begins 

 Although the first hole is amongst the easier holes in the course, it is by no means a gentle start. For the average golfer, fear lurks in the form of a daunting water body. In reality, it only appears so, but then that is sufficient to induce faulty drives off the tee. Being in play is all that matters, as an easy approach to the green awaits. In fact, this may well be one of the few easy shots on this golf course. It truly unfolds on the 2nd hole, where the key is to be in position for the 2nd shot. But even if you are, a miss to the right could end up in water.


A Thumbs Up to the 3 Putt

The 6th, par 3 may remain in memory for a while, especially if you are putting downward to the hole. It almost seems that you cannot get the speed right, no matter what you do. A 3 putt in this case is a good result. Many a scorecard have been destroyed due to the putting, so being conservative with your tee shot is a good idea. The 7th par 5, will encourage long hitters to rip it, given the room in the landing area. It’s easy to harbor thoughts of getting on in 2, but an island green can put paid to such visions. Again, a potential card wrecker. Smart play on 6 and 7 can make a big difference. All the same, you already know, this is one of the golf courses in Bangkok you are coming back to. It’s a sentiment that echoes, with many who have played here every single time on a Bangkok golf holiday.

Just the First Half

One thing that is hard to come to terms with is the 8th being rated as a Handicap 1 hole. Although it plays long, one gets the feeling that a par here is more likely than on other holes. However, this doesn’t take anything away from the brilliant finishing 9th hole for the first half.  A quick stop at the halfway is in order before you get going on the next half.

The Crescendo

 There is no shortage of thrills in the second half. Not a single hole could be thought of as ordinary. This only reaffirms the faith you put in picking Alpine amongst all the golf courses in Bangkok. To the task of picking holes that capture the imagination, the 11th, par 4 with an island green is superb. And when the competition starts to heat up, so does the finish, starting with the par 3, 15th. Long hitters could reach the par 4, 16th in one, but not without risk. However, there is definitely a better reward to risk ratio on the 17th par 5. Regardless, don’t leave too much to do on the 18th par 4. Unless of course you can stick it to the pin. If you do so, you are definitely coming back to a Bangkok golf holiday. And if you don’t, you will come back anyway, just to get it right on this special golf course.



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