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The Top 3 Golf & Nightlife Holidays in Thailand


A golf holiday in Thailand usually ranks very high amongst the several holidays a golfer undertakes. In fact, such is the overall experience, that many do it several times over. This phenomenon is not easily explained by the high quality of the experience of golf in Thailand alone. Amongst various other factors, one of the biggest, if not the biggest is the nightlife. There is no denying that the nightlife in Thailand is one of the best in the world attracting millions annually. So, it is no surprise that such a heady mix sits atop the list of the best golf holiday experiences. For the uninitiated, here is a quick glance at the top 3 golf and nightlife holiday destinations in Thailand.


Pattaya: The Party Capital of  Thailand

Pattaya may possibly be the top party place on the planet. It’s hard to find a nook or a corner where there isn’t a party waiting for tourists. Everything in Pattaya centers around one word – “entertainment”. But what makes it the best place for a golf holiday in Thailand are the golf courses. With more than 20 golf courses, there is more choice of golf than you would want on a golf holiday. Of these, the four golf courses of Siam Country Club, Laem Chabangand Chee Chan are considered the best. With plenty of options for a stay to suit various budgets, Pattaya sets up perfectly for a golf and nightlife holiday.


Bangkok: The Big Mango is Big on Both Golf & Nightlife

Bangkok evokes as much or more excitement as the buzziest capital cities in the world.  The energy of the city is palpable through everyone and everything. It could be the locals, the migrants, the tourists, the street vendors or the bar hostesses. Or it could be at the mall, the sky train or the tuk-tuk. The restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment wear the same expression, resolute even in the most trying of times. This is why Bangkok never fails to capture your imagination. Imagine this as a combination with golf on offer at more than 60 golf courses in and around the city!


No golf holiday in Thailand can be complete without visiting Bangkok. The golf courses represent the very best of golf in Thailand. A golf holiday in Bangkok can stand on its own or as a supplement to itineraries elsewhere in Thailand. There is a downside of driving times to the golf courses, but their quality more than makes up.


Phuket: Truly an Island of Treasures

Phuket is one of the most commercialized beach destinations in the world. Yet, it holds its own as nature’s bounty – be it the landscape, the sea and the beaches that separates it from the rest. And it is exactly in this setting that the fabulous golf courses of Phuket find themselves in. Playing at the  Blue Canyon, the Red Mountainand Laguna leaves many with the most enduring of memories. And these memories are heightened, with those of the evening festivities in the Patong area. The golf courses are as good as any golf in Thailand with the nightlife not lagging behind. This sets it up as a favorite amongst many golfers for a golf holiday in Thailand.


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