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10 Tips for Planning a Danang Golf Tour (Part 2)

Danang Golf Tour part 2

This is a continuation to the article, 10 Tips for Planning a Danang Golf Tour (Part 1),  which included the following –

  • About Danang & Getting There 
  • When to Go on a Danang Golf Tour
  • Where to Stay on a Hoi An Golf Tour
  • Which of the Danang Golf Courses should you play ?
  • How long should your Danang Golf Tour be ?

Here are some more –

6. What Not to Miss 


Obviously the reason that you are making this trip is to play golf in Danang. However, it would be a shame to miss out on some of the big attractions of this part of the world.

The region is known for its natural splendour, be it the beaches and rainforests. There’s also an incredible amount of history and culture on offer. The neighbouring towns of Hoi An and Hue are massive tourist attractions, boasting UNESCO heritage sights. 

Here are the top attractions that warrant a visit

  1. My Son – A Cluster of Abandoned Hindu Temples dating back to the 14th Century, (1h15 minutes away from both Danang and Hoi An)
  2. The Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills – this can be included as an extension to visiting the Ba Na Hills Golf Course. ( 30 minutes from Ba Na Hills Golf Course)
  3. My Khe Beach, Danang
  4. Hoi An Town if you are staying in Danang is an absolute must
  5. If time permits – the imperial capital city of Hue. ( 2h drive from Danang)

7. Getting Around in Danang or Hoi An


It is advisable to have pre-arranged transportation to get to the Danang golf courses. While taxis are not impossible to find, they may take a while to get to you. This is particularly the case when you are returning from the golf course to your hotel. Going  with a ground operator specializing in golf helps, so that all the nuances typical to golf are taken care of.

To get around in Danang, you can use Grab ( the Southeast Asia equivalent of Uber) or one of the organized taxi services. If you are staying in Hoi An, getting around is easy as it is quite compact. You should be able to make your way on foot or bicycle to most places. In any case motorised vehicles are not allowed in the ancient town.

8. Eating & Drinking

danang cuisine

One critical aspect of going on an overseas golf tour is experiencing the local eating and drinking scene. While Central Vietnam has its own cuisines and flavours to offer, the seafood here is absolutely cracking. That’s not to say that it is not like the rest of Vietnam in respect of street stalls and unassuming eating establishments that serve the most delicious food. 

And of course, inexpensive as well. Again, that’s not to say there are no fine dining options in Danang and Hoi An.

Of the two, Danang has a more local taste bud orientation than Hoi An. Hoi An which finds more appeal to the Western as opposed to the Asian traveler offers a bigger variety. So choose what suits your palette. 

The beer is cheap as anywhere else in Vietnam. In Hoi An, you can add on the experience of local draught beer, perched on tiny stools on the kerbside at “Bia Hois”. For other watering holes – in Danang, check out Bamboo 2 on the waterfront very popular with golfers in Danang. There are a bunch of other bars as well in its vicinity, so you can crawl from one to another. Other bars include Sky 36 on the Novotel rooftop and Golden Pine which goes on into the wee hours. 

9. Post Golf Relaxation & Rejuvenation


One highly recommended as well as sought after activity playing golf in Danang is a massage. In fact  it is one of the great joys of golf tours in Southeast Asia. The ease of access as well as the affordability make it almost a crime to not indulge in one. And especially after a long hard day of golf. That said, it works best to fix your times well in advance as the reputed spas tend to be quite busy. 

Some of these reputed ones 


  1. Yhi Spa, 19 Truong Sa Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son
  2. Luxury Herbal Spa, 199 Duong Dinh Nghe Son Tra

Hoi An

  1. Aaron Spa, Kiệt 2/16, Lê Lợi, Phường Minh An
  2. Blue Gift Spa, 52 Mạc Đĩnh Chi, Cẩm Sơn, Hội An

10. Entertainment 


It’s always good to get your expectations clear. Danang is not Bangkok, Jakarta or Phuket when it comes to nightlife and entertainment.  That however, does not mean that there is nothing to do, when the night comes alive. 

In Danang, Bamboo 2 as mentioned earlier in the eating & drinking section is a good place to start. There are other bars in its vicinity as well, which you can head to. Phuong Dong and New Phuong Dong are the best nightclubs in town that go into the wee hours with electronic dance music. They are usually busy with locals, Koreans and Japanese and feature hostesses and exotic Eastern European dancers.

And, if you are so inclined, there are plenty of karaoke joints spread across, where your money is easily parted.    

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