Golftripz Match Play, Bangkok 2015

Date Published: 19 Mar 2015

Golftripz’s Match Play concept took on a more serious form with the Bangkok 2015 edition, from 16th – 18th March. Two teams of 6 golfers each, the Upper Lats and the Lower Lats, competed over 3 rounds of golf in Alpine, Suwan and Green Valley Golf Clubs.

Over three days they played a total of 12 matches: Day 1 at Suwan was a Fourball, Day 2 at Alpine was better aggregate net of one team vs another and Day 3 at Green Valley was Singles.

The Upper Lats team of Madhav Misra, Akshay Kilachand, Aman Taragi, Mohit Chaudhary, Saket Batra and Brijesh Patel beat the Lower Lats team by a margin of 9-3.