Delhi Golfers gather at ITC Classic Golf Resort

Date Published: 27 Feb 2015

ITC Classic Golf Resort was the venue for a gathering of 50 golfers for a golf day out hosted by Golftripz. Some of Delhi’s most active and passionate golfers were invitees for this round that saw a group of 12 women golfers as well. The invitational round took off at 11:30 am, where golfing buddies formed their own 4-balls and teed off for a casual round at one of the capital city’s premium courses. A short stop mid-game was made for refreshments at Hole No.10 and the game continued.

Post-game, the group eagerly lapped up details on Golftripz’s Calendar for the year, including its upcoming events, The Pursuit in South Africa and the Team-Am Golf Challenge 6 in South Africa.