Nations Trust Bank Golf Program

Terms & Conditions

Nations Trust Bank Golf Program

Please find the Terms & Conditions of the Nations Trust Bank (NTB) Golf Program . For any questions, please contact the NTB Concierge.



  • All tee times should be booked in advance through NTB Concierge. No walk-ins or direct payment to Golf Clubs are allowed in this program.
  • Golf clubs will not entertain any correspondence / enquiries and /or attempts for bookings directly from the Cardholders.
  • The service provider reserves the right to confirm/book alternative golf clubs/alternative tee times due to various reasons such as confirmation delay from cardholder, the first preferred choice no longer being available due to constant & real time changes in tee time bookings and so on.
  • All bookings are subject to availability at the time of confirmation with the golf course.
  • Cancellations of confirmed or pending rounds will be need to be made as per the cancellation policy. If a booking is cancelled within the non-cancellable period, there will be no refunds
  • Refund amounts will be minus any payment gateway charges (3%) incurred at the time of payment.
  • The Golf Clubs reserves all rights to slot in golfers to fill any vacant slots in flights without having to inform the golfers who have already made their tee time booking during weekdays or weekends.
  • A minimum of three golfers is compulsorily required in each flight on weekends (and local public holidays) and a minimum of two golfers is required in each flight on weekdays in certain courses. The Golf Clubs reserve the right to either refuse a booking of less than the minimum required no. of golfers for each flight or fill in any vacant slots based on demand without having to inform golfers who have already made their tee time booking. (This is a standard rule of golf)
  • Golfers participating in this program shall be allowed to play with members of the club or any other Green Fee paying guests and use the benefits of this program, provided that a confirmed golf booking is held by the other players and if the golf club is able to club the booking.
  • Access to the golf clubs cannot be used by the participating golfers or their guests in conjunction with any other promotional golf program or to participate in any private event, tournament or any other special golf day arrangement.
  • This golf program is valid for golf course access only to individual golfers and is not valid for any Group Bookings
  • Access to the golf club is only limited to the services mentioned in the vouchers and the golfers participating in this program or their guests may not have access to the other facilities at the golf club.
  • Cancellation policy to be applicable based on golf course policy



  • The rates and inclusions for the services listed by Service Provider are subject to change
  • The golf courses listed as part of this program are subject to change
  • Listed Golf Courses reserve the right to change/withdraw/increase or decrease the green fees or services provided under this program at their sole discretion and therefore service provider is not responsible for any change in listed database or prices
  • Any changes to the listed golf courses, fees, inclusions and so on will be updated on a monthly basis
  • Only green fees or the combined advertised product is available under this program. All other services are to be directly paid by the Cardholders to the golf course.
  • Any compulsory charges such as golf cart fees, or caddie fees if not included in the service provided will be applicable/chargeable by the golf club directly



  • The Golf Program is not a golf club membership and is not to be regarded as a golf club membership.
  • The Golf Access & discounted/complimentary access where applicable is being provided by NTB to its Cardholders and in no way should be construed as a benefit from the respective Golf Club or the Service Provider
  • This facility/benefit is being facilitated to Nations Trust Bank through Golftripz Pte Ltd who represents a Service Provider and the bookings shall be processed through the Service Provider
  • The Golf Program does not entitle golfers to free access to the golf club and is limited to the T&Cs as per this program.
  • Service Provider role is to provide access and golf bookings to the above golf courses for Cardholders. However, Service Provider bears no direct or indirect control over the “Golf Courses” and their internal policies, rules and service quality and hence in no way shall be held responsible for the same.
  • Service Provideris not responsible in any way for the quality and availability of the service provided by the golf courses
  • Club rules & local rules apply and subscribers to this program should adhere to the same including but not limited to dress code, rules of play and so on
  • All golf courses reserve the right to reject any golfer or restrict their play
  • Golfers are subject to golf club's rules on minimum handicap requirements, producing valid handicap certificates and any other requirements. The golf club reserves the right to reject/restrict play in event of not fulfilling these requirements
  • Golf Courses both domestic & international have different rules for access on weekdays and weekends, which will need to be adhered to. Priority on weekends will be provided to golf club members and access to visiting golfers may be restricted subject to their internal rules
  • Rain check policy is subject to the discretion/rules of the golf club.
  • Whether on weekdays or weekends (or public holidays), tee times provided for single or 2 golfers are indicative as the golf course reserves the right to hold them up for a period of time (not beyond reasonable limits) to team the golfer/s up with other golfers to optimize pace of play on the course as per the course policy or otherwise.



  • Access to the golf club is only limited to the services mentioned in the vouchers and the golfers participating in this program or their guests may not have access to the other facilities such as restaurant, swimming pool, gymnasium, driving range at the golf club
  • NTB or the Service Provider is not responsible in any way for the quality and availability of the service provided by the golf courses
  • NTB or the Service Provider is not responsible for or liable for any action, claims, demands, losses, damages, cost, charges and expenses which the client may suffer, sustain or incur including but not limited to changes or cancellations of the services provided under this program
  • NTB or the Service Provider shall not be considered liable or in default of providing the golf services if such performance is prevented by adverse conditions, which is beyond its control
  • NTB and their partners and agents, employees, directors, officers, representatives, shareholders, host golf clubs and other suppliers of goods and services accept no liability from any and all claims for damages for death, personal injury or property damage which the golfer, his/her personal representatives, heirs, next-of-kin, assigns and insurers may have, or which may hereafter accrue, as a result of using the services provided in this program
  • Golfers of this program will be solely responsible for any damage to the golf course/property and will so be solely responsible for their behavior on the golf course.



Please find the list of golf courses that you can book under the NTB Golf Program. Contact the NTB Concierge for more information on how to book and the prices.