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Sparsely populated and in lonely waters, Iceland’s geology defines it. It’s the land where glacial towers of ice contrast with lava-spitting mountains, gushing geysers, boiling mud pools and geothermal hot springs are sights as common as pristine waterfalls and centuries of natural activity has created beautiful fjords and harbours.

The country has captured popular imagination, being “on location” for productions like Game of Thrones and Prometheus – wild and stark arctic vistas that had viewers awestruck. Contrary to expectations, Iceland’s natural wonders beget many activities – hiking, glacial wall climbing, river rafting, surfing, whale watching and Northern Lights viewing. It’s cities are lively and the country erupts with festivals of music, art and literature in the summer.

The best months to golf in Iceland are May through September in courses that have spectacular settings – many of them sea-facing, some on lava fields, island courses etc. If you time it right, i.e., June and July, midnight golf is a possibility too. Iceland’s golf map is a concentration of courses on its south west, though the whole country boasts 65 courses. Reykjavik and around is home to the best known championship courses in the country and is a perfect base for a golf trip. Typical itineraries can be a 10 day tour of the country, including all the key sights and 3-4 rounds of golf.

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GETTING THERE: Iceland has its main international airport in Reykjavik. There are limited airlines which fly to Iceland and most of them fly from hubs in Europe, UK and a few from the USA and Canada.

CURRENCY: Icelandic Krona (ISK) | Avg Currency Value: 1 USD = 117 ISK (Currency Converter)

VISA: The Schengen country citizens are allowed to visit Iceland for 3 months with a valid identity card. Other countries like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, America, UK, Ireland can also visit for a limited period of time with a valid passport.

Other nationalities require a valid visa to enter Iceland.

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