Quite possibly the most international city in the world, London is on everybody’s list as a place to visit. There is an enormous amount to do, see and experience in this captivating city steeped in the riches of history, royalty, culture, diversity and remarkable architecture.

There are several tours which allow taking in the delights and even if one is not on one, there is plenty to just see and feel around. Some recommended options for sightseeing and activities include The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, Greenwich Park or drinking at one of the pubs on the Thames, if not cruising on it. London’s glory is always palpable – just the thing that great cities are made of.

London is not the ultimate golf destination, as the golf as good as it gets, it is tough to keep up with everything else that the city offers. Regardless, if there’s an itch, there's plenty of world-class golf in London & Around and if willing to drive out for a couple of days to the coast, there are 3 Open Venues – Royal St. George’s, Royal Cinque Ports and Prince’s Golf Courses virtually next to each other.

BEST TIME TO GOLF IN LONDON & AROUND: April to September, although the English weather is famously unpredictable and you can expect it to swing from a perfectly clear day to a muggy one the next.

Read up information on this page and all associated links for more on London & Around as a golf destination. The content will serve as your Golf Travel Guide to London and make for easy trip planning.  

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You will never fall short of things to do in London.

  • Take the city tour to get a perspective of the city’s  historic and contemporary side.
  • Then pick and choose the ones you really want to delve into – the  London Eye, the Tower of London, the Museums (again, there are plenty so choose by interest) are interesting to say the least.
  • Book tickets in advance for a musical at West End.
  • Aside from this, have a picnic in London’s parks, eat international cuisine and enjoy the world’s most global city.
  • Day trips to Bath, Warwick Castle, Windsor and Stratford can be done.


GETTING THERE: London has one of the busiest international airports and is well connected to both long haul destinations and within Europe as well

There are many domestic flights which fly to various cities within England and to Scotland. With a good rail network, you can easily travel the short distances within the country either by taking a train and viewing the picturesque English countryside or rent a car.

CURRENCY: BRITISH POUND (GBP) | Avg Currency Value: 1 USD = 0.75 GBP (Currency Converter)

VISA: Nationals of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and nationals of the European Economic Area do not need a Visa to enter the United Kingdom. Check the official British Government website  for more information. 

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